Our Service Area - Residential Movers

Need to relocate to a new area? Whether it's work-related, school-related or just to have a new start somewhere else. Are you now faced with the struggles of how you are going to move all of your belongings to your new home? Look no further, the pros at Long Distance Movers are here to help make your move as worry-free as possible! Give us a call today at 1-463-999-0886.

At Long Distance Movers, we know that planning a local or long-distance move comes with a lot of planning and preparation. And for the Average home-owner, getting everything together for your next home can be more work than one can handle. That is why our residential movers specialize in almost every aspect of residential and commercial moving service and why we offer cost-friendly and time-oriented moving services to meet all of your moving requirements.

Services and Amenities to Meet Your Moving Needs

Here at Long Distance Movers, we understand that not every move is the same. A wrench can be thrown into any moving plans that can leave most home-owners with an uncomfortable feeling about there next steps. That is why we take pride in the services we provide our customers. We go above and beyond to try and help make accommodations tailored to fit your moving needs. That is why we offer services like the ones below:

Along with amenities such as:

  • Price Match & Price Beat
  • Expedited Delivery
  • Free 30 Day Storage
  • Wrapped and Sealed Packages
  • Climate Controlled Facilities

Ready to Take the Steps for Your Next Move?

If you are thinking of booking your next moving experience with us than its time to get scheduled! Our complete moving services are available to all of Indianapolis, Indiana and nationwide as well. There is never a move that is too big or too small for Long Distance Movers. We have helped home-owners relocate from all 50 states and internationally as well. Here are a few states that often provide our services to and can guarantee a worry-free moving process for you.

Looking for reliable relocation services around Indianapolis, Indiana and nationwide? Call Long Distance Movers at 1-463-999-0886 and enjoy quality services at affordable prices.