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Take the hassle out of moving and hire a moving company to handle all of the challenging tasks relocating can throw at you.


Did you know, a stress-free move is more possible than you think? When booking your upcoming move with Long Distance Movers – Chicago, we can ensure that your move will be a stress-free as possible. We have handled thousands of moves all over the country with thousands of happy customers. We guarantee that our services will cover all of your moving needs. Our moving company offers packing services, wrapping and sealing, storage and much more.

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Illinois Full-Service Moving Company

From small moves to long-distance moves, the professionals at Long Distance Movers have got you covered. We take pride in providing exceptional moving services at a fair and reasonable price. When it comes to moving, our main priority is helping our customers move their valuables safely and in a timely fashion. We have spent over a decade specializing in our services and ensuring that we provide our Illinois customers with all the supplies and services needed to make their move as smooth as possible.

Whether you need your whole house packed, moved and placed at specific locations at its final destination or even if you have packed all on your own and just need movers, we are the moving company just for you. There are no moves to big or small, the experts here at Long Distance Movers – Chicago are dedicated to helping you get your household items from point A to point B, safe and sound.

Cities We Serve:

  • Peoria, Il
  • Aurora, Il
  • Champaign, Il
  • Joliet, Il
  • Elign, Il
  • Springfield, Il
  • Naperville, I
  • Rockford, Il
  • Chicago, Il
  • Glencoe, Il
  • Inverness, Il
  • Hawthorn, Il
  • Lake Bluff, Il
  • Winnetka, Il
  • Western Springs, Il
  • Mahomet, Il
  • Oak Brook, Il
  • Deerfield, Il
  • Winfield, Il
  • and Many More!

What Makes Us Different From Other Moving Companies?

There are a tons of moving companies in Chicago and the entire state of Illinois to choose from online and we understand how stressful it can be figuring out which company to choose. However, please be aware of the companies you choose when moving from the Chicago area. Several moving companies online are often times brokers or franchise companies.

What does this mean for someone looking to move? A lot of times, when dealing with a broker or franchise company these companies usually are just the face of the transaction but act as the middleman when finding a truck to move your belongings. Brokers usually do not own their trucks at all, they simply book your move and finds a mover that can handle your move for you and often times this isn’t done until the day of the move. Franchise companies are somewhat similar, however, they use their brand names to draw you in but when it is time to pick up or deliver your items there is a whole other company or blank white van arriving at your home.

One common struggle that families come across when dealing with brokers or franchise moving companies is that the price they initially quoted is significantly higher after the end of their move. This happens when dealing with brokers or franchise companies because they measure their pricing by how much your items weigh, so their initial quote is never accurate or close to accurate until the items are placed on their trucks.

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Chicago, Illinois Moving Made Simple

This is why Long Distance Movers – Chicago is a no brainer for your upcoming move. Long Distance Movers – Chicago is an independent, direct carrier, moving company. This means that there are no third parties involved. We own all of our trucks and facilities, so there are never any surprises on the day of your move, we handle your entire move from start to finish.

More reasons to choose us for your next move:

We own our own trucks, warehouses & storage

Your valuables will not be placed on trucks with other family items. All moving and storage is handled directly by us

Reasonable, accurate & affordable pricing

We charge by the space you take up and not the weight like most franchise moving companies or brokers. Imagine moving a box of feathers compared to a box of rocks. Weight will always be a bit more pricey, that is why charge by the space you take up.

Our prices are usually 10-15% lower than brokers or franchise moving companies

The Department of Transportation suggests that moving companies should provide pricing based on space rather than weight. However, many brokers and franchises still price their moves by weight and trap many movers into these pricey agreements.

Is there Movers Near Me In Illinois? The Answer is Yes!

If you are in need of a reliable, reasonably priced and organized moving company then look no further. Long Distance Movers – Chicago is the right choice for you! As you can she there are several moving companies throughout the world that have many strings attached to their promoted “low prices”. Don’t be fooled by the brokers and franchise companies in your area. Book with a reliable, independent carrier that treats you like family and is always there for you from the start of your move to the very end.

Take the Pain out of Moving

From small moves to moving cross country, any move can be a daunting task. Lucky for you, the worries for your approaching move can end today! Long Distance Movers – Chicago can handle your entire move for you or help you in any are you might need assistance. So give us a call today for your free quote and take the hassle out of your Chicago, Illinois move!

Let's face it, there are a million things to remember when planning your next move. Why stress over things you don’t need to? Leave your move up to the trusted professionals at Long Distance Movers - Chicago and experience a peaceful transition to your new destination. Call today at 463-999-0886 and receive your free quote today!