Our Affordable Packing Plans

There’s not too many people out there who enjoy preparing for their next big move. Let’s face it, the thought of packing up all of your household items, renting a truck and finding the right packing supplies it’s just something a lot of people don’t have time for. That’s why here at Long Distance Movers we provide a specialized service to help you organize every detail of your move.

Experienced professional movers

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your packing done for your big move. Packing and organizing your items can be a long strenuous process that can add extra unwanted stress on your moving date. That’s why when booking with long-distance movers we like to offer our customers an additional service to take care of all the small details of their move.

After 10+ years of expert experience and professional service, We have broken down our packing service into three tiers fit to solve any moving issues you might have.

Basic Packing Service:

The first tier of our packing service is our basic packing. With this packing level, We will provide services such as disassembling all of your standard furniture, blanket and pad wrapping any of your important valuables, loading and unloading and finally, reassembling any items that were disassembled at the pick up of your move.

Itemized Packing:

The second tier of our packing service is what we call our itemized packing. In this packing level, we provide all services included in the basic packing level, From disassembly of your furniture, wrapping your items and loading and unloading.

This packing level also includes specific item packing. If you have any valuable items in which you want specifically wrapped and protected our professional moving reps will discuss over the phone which items you would like to include and will make sure that these items are precisely taken care of on the day of your move.

For example these items may include:

  • Grand Piano’s
  • China Dishes
  • Pool Table
  • Grandfather Clock
  • Memorabilia

Full-Service Packing:

The final tier of our packing services is our full service packing. This packing level is designed to take care of any and all of your packing needs. This packing level provides the same services provided in our basic packing level and itemized packing level.

However, with this service level, we will include all packing and wrapping materials such as boxes, tissue paper, bubble wrap and tape. The benefits of this packing level don’t stop there, When we arrive at your new destination we will also unpack all of your belongings and place them where ever you desire in the house.

This is one of our best selling service levels because we literally take care of each step of your move for you. You will not have to worry about a moving truck, loading or unloading your goods and the best part yet, you won’t have to pack or arrange any of the items you took on your move.

Don't stress the details when planning your move to your brand new living arrangement. Call the expert professionals at Long Distance Movers today to take care of your packing at 463-999-0886